We’re The Millers

Image-I remember seeing the trailer for this one a few months ago. My thoughts at the time were something to the effect of, “well, here’s a decent looking comedy where Jennifer Aniston takes her clothes off, might see it.” Opportunity arose, so I went for it.

-The setup is that Jason Sudeikis plays David, a loser, thirty-something guy who lives by himself and gets by selling weed. After a few scenes of him selling weed, both the direct and indirect actions of Casey, a homeless girl played by Emma Roberts, and Kenny, a loser who lives with his mom in David’s apartment building get David robbed by some punks outside his apartment. The next day, David is summoned to the home of his insanely rich supplier Brad, played by Ed Helms (he’s the dentist from The Hangover, if you were wondering) who explains that he needs someone to smuggle in some weed from Mexico for him, and that if David says yes, he’ll give him $100,000. So, lacking other options, David goes for it and enlists Casey and Kenny to pose as his kids while Rose (Aniston), the stripper that lives down the hall, goes as his wife. Of course, it doesn’t entirely go according to plan, but seeing all of the unique and interesting ways that things can go wrong for “The Millers” is plenty to carry a movie on, and the constant changes in setting and situation keep any one joke from overstaying its welcome.


-If there’s one thing that We’re the Millers does exceptionally well, it’s casting. Jason Sudeikis is wonderfully convincing as the kind of self-centered loser that David is, while the others all have their own little quirks about them that come through whenever they don’t have to pretend to be The Millers, and it’s great watching them all play off each-other when things inevitably go wrong. 

Image-At the end of the day, We’re the Millers is a good time. It’s not exactly anything special, and it’s likely I won’t remember all that much about this a year from now, but if you just want a fun time at the movies, you can do a lot worse.

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